Basque furniture and equipment design, the star of Euroshop 2017

//Basque furniture and equipment design, the star of Euroshop 2017

Basque furniture and equipment design, the star of Euroshop 2017

  • Eight Basque companies will attend the main trade show of the sector in Düsseldorf from 5 to 9 March.
  • They are integrated within the “Basque Living” brand, promoted by Habic, the sectoral cluster.

Eight Basque companies from the furniture and design equipment sector, integrated within the Basque Living brand that is promoted by the Habic Cluster, have joined forces to share their joint credentials internationally at the main retail fair of the world, Euroshop 2017, to be held from 5 to 9 March in Düsseldorf (Germany), where over 3,000 exhibitors and around 120,000 professionals will gather.

This way the Basque Living brand will be represented at Euroshop by eight Basque manufacturers: Basmat, Blux, Daisalux, Equilan, Eun Group, Ondarreta, Prodema and Revers, who carry out their activities in fields like floor and wall coverings, exhibition systems, furniture, lighting, façade cladding and indoor coverings.

These Basque companies address the retail market, a segment with great international projection, which is why they have decided to work together under a unifying umbrella sub-brand called Basque Retail. Thus focusing on implementing joint activities and offering the client comprehensive and customised solutions based on their experience in the commercial equipment sector. This umbrella brand was born from their shared interests and the collaboration among these eight companies; synergies that have been created thanks to the coexistence of over 20 companies in Basque Living, a facility located at the Tabakalera cultural building.

Basque Retail will visit the fair with a stand made from local Pinus radiata wood that provides very attractive design options thanks to its light colour. This group initiative comprising eight Basque companies is supported by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa through the Ekishop project, sponsored by the Elkarkana aid plan for competitiveness through entrepreneurial collaboration.

Basque Living

The Basque Living initiative is a project promoted by the Habic Cluster and conceived by the Board of Interior Designers of Gipuzkoa, with the participation of over 20 Basque companies that manufacture furniture and design equipment, a group that includes the aforementioned companies. This project has a singular space to present its proposals, products and solutions at the Tabakalera cultural centre; a space for creation, the exploration of ideas and exhibition of trends.

“In addition to showing state-of-the-art trends in design furniture, Basque Living is also a meeting point and a place to exchange ideas that was created with the purpose of identifying new areas of development and new forms of collaboration among the agents of the sector”, explained Leire Aldabaldetreku, director of the Habic Cluster. The participation at Euroshop under the Basque Living brand will allow these eight companies to “showcase a shared image of quality, design and professionalism and give relevance to the work developed in this sector in the Basque Country”, said Aldabaldetreku.

“The presence of Basque Living at Euroshop, through the Basque Retail working group, is a unique opportunity to show the world the Basque commercial design”, she concluded.

Euroshop Trade Show

Euroshop is the main showcase for industrial companies providing retail equipment solutions. Every three years, Düsseldorf hosts this important exhibition that is the main forum for the identification of trends and innovations of the sector, which allows companies to learn about new developments and solutions in the field of commercial equipment.

Euroshop is known as the #1 Trade Show for retail business, with the largest range of products and services and it gathers professionals and directors from all over the world.

About the Habic Cluster

Habic is the Basque Hospitality, Wood & Design Cluster. It gathers the main companies of the sector who focus on equipping: the habitat and the home, wood and timber construction, offices and work environments, collective spaces, urban environments for leisure, urban furniture, outdoor furniture and hospitality.

Its mission is to lead the development of actions that promote competitiveness and transformation of the habitat, wood, office and contract sectors by means of strategic actions based on entrepreneurial collaboration.

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