Entrepreneurship in the design sector

//Entrepreneurship in the design sector

Entrepreneurship in the design sector

On Tuesday, February 18, Basque Living showroom in Madrid hosted the second of the events organized during Madrid Design Festival: “Entrepreneurship in the design sector”.

We had the collaboration of Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica, founders of the study mechanism, and Lucas Abajo, co-founder of Muka Design Lab and ABANA BILBAO.

Lucas was the first speaker. He explained us the origin of ABANA BILBAO. Together with Laxmi Nazábal, he founded the Muka Design Lab, a multi-award winning industrial design studio, specialized in creating furniture, kitchenware and small household appliances with identity and character. Muka Design Lab is based on the development of “Slow design” and they work with local artisans and workshops to design everyday objects.

Thanks to the success of their “Revés” chair and having been awarded with the RedDot Award Design Concept, they created ABANA BILBAO brand. In the session, Lucas presented the designed furniture collection. Their products will remain on display in the showroom until March 5th.

After that, it came the turn of the mechanism. Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica told us how they developed their architecture through various examples of projects carried out since 2012, the year in which they founded the studio. In their presentation they transmitted the delicacy and sensitivity they put in every detail.

They also talked about how they had started working in a competition together when they were studying and organically founded the studio when they finished their degree.

The aim of their work has always been enjoying and having fun with the projects they develop and, it is precisely this enjoyment which has led them be authors of projects such as the Hotel Akelarre, owned by chef Pedro Subijana, or the Martín Berasategui Restaurant, three Michelin stars, in Lasarte.

To finish the event, there was a round of questions among the attendees and a small cocktail.

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